Why is Zooey Deschanel doing commercials for Cotton?

In lieu of partaking in any Saturday night fun, I’m at home, lying in bed and nursing an (un)happy hour hangover.  Five dollar margaritas be dammed, I’m using this downtime to catch up on my magazines/blogs/any other essential time waster that consumes my life. Good for you readers. Bad for my dissipating social life.




Dear God. Talk about resting on your hipster laurels, Lissy Trullie! I first heard about this androgynous snore from hipper-than-thou Nylon magazine. Curiosity mixed with boredom implored me to listen to some of her music. Verdict? zzzzzz. (Is that the thing that’s used to signify sleeping?) I get it. She’s cute, edgy and an L.E.S. Artiste! But please. Try to make music that sounds remotely interesting. The sound of her songs is so bizarrely dated. It sounds like leftovers from some unremarkable guitar-pop band from the 1990’s. I’m all for 90’s nostalgia but bands like Sun 60 and Spin Doctors don’t deserve a revival. NEXT.





Okay, wait. Don’t judge a band by its My Chemical Romance-esque cover. The Horrors actually kick serious ass. Their music is like going on an 80’s gothic romp. It’s dreamy, dark and atmospheric. Sort of like a more fleshed-out Joy Division. Their songs can be absolutely creepy and haunting but also insanely catchy.  I’m a big fan of music that terrifies me but also has me humming their songs in the shower the next day. What does that say about me? I’m so complex!




I was interested in seeing this movie for a couple of reasons. One, I’m kind of fascinated by Hilary Duff’s career makeover into a “serious” actress/electronica artist. This girl has literally no talent but she’s been super smart in navigating her career. In 2004, could you have guessed Hilary Duff would be a more reputable name than Lindsay Lohan? Back then, Lindsay was seen as the more talented one and the one that was destined for A-list stardom. While the former may still be true, the only thing Lindsay is starring in these days are papparazzi pics of her leaving her boyfriend, Sam Ronson’s house. Duff, on the other hand, has created a successful brand name and has stayed out of the limelight. Hilary Duff-2. Lindsay Lohan-1. Your turn, Lindsay!


Other than Hil, I was also keen on seeing this film because I’m obsessed with indie goddess Olivia Thirlby, weirdo stoner freak Josh Peck and cute Molly Shannon. Imagine my surprise then when this movie ended up sucking. Hard. None of it really made a lick of sense. The editing was choppy and nonsensical. The characters were SEVERELY underdeveloped. They included too many characters and didn’t spend any time fleshing them out. Olivia Thirlby plays the “dark angry misfit” who may or may not be sexually abused by her stepfather, has an abortion and wears an obscene amount of eyeliner. Hilary Duff (bless her heart) TRIES to act like a Lolita temptress but ends up just making sad confused expressions the entire film. There’s also a subplot about a disabled teenaged girl who has sex with an able-bodied hot guy and weirdo potentially mentally-retarded twins. No, I’m really not making this up. THIS MOVIE MADE NO SENSE.

Oh, well. 

And don’t EVEN get me started on The Girlfriend Experience.


Good night.


4 Responses to “Why is Zooey Deschanel doing commercials for Cotton?”

  1. kneekhol Says:

    lissie sounds like screeching cats live
    no kidding
    it hurts the ears…bad

    the horrors
    i love you
    faris can you please still marry me? and dangle your crochicular area in front of my face at studio b? kthnx. as long as you don’t smack me with the microphone in the face like you accidentally did with the guy next to me ill love you forever
    if not cotton joe ill keep you and you can tease my hair to new levels of amazing
    im glad you can see the greatness
    and now that you mention it
    i can totes see the MCR in them
    sigh, i ❤ you MCR, always an forever

  2. Tom Says:

    Ok, just a few thoughts (btdubs, this is Sam’s new roommate, Tom. Not just some creeper).

    First, I absolutely love Zoey Deschanel. She needs to come back to Weeds. Oh, and I believe she is going to be in a biopic of Janis Joplin. I should go see if that’s true…

    Second, I need to go listen to The Horrors. Have you heard of the band The Chromatics? If not, go listen to them right now. Their album Night Drive is fantastic, and Placebo actually covers one of their songs.

    And lastly, if you have yet to see this music video (which I’m sure you have, but here’s just to refresh your memory), this is why I still have a soft spot for the pretty much talentless yet ever so lovable Hillary Duff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JStfziF4duQ

    Enjoy your life Ryan!

    • ryanohh Says:


      I’ve seen/obsessed over that Hilary Duff video. Amazing….

      I’ll def. check out chromatics. THX 4 DA TIP BUDDY

  3. alex españa Says:

    the horrors es mi banda favorita cantan bien chido la neta es la mejor banda ke hay y me gusta mas ke se vistan como emos

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