Women You Need In Your Life: Part Two.

Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney is one of my favorite forgotten 90’s stars. She’s best known for her roles in The Craft & Empire Records. But she also starred in amazing indie fare like Niagara, Niagara & Cherish. She always had this effortlessly cool vibe about her. I don’t know what the fuck she’s doing now. Probably starring in some weird TV show on ABC or something.

The Women of Popular

Popular had a huge impact  on my life. It aired while I was in middle school, a time when I was getting over Pam Anderson and under Antonio Banderas (Don’t judge. We all have our inexplicable preferences!) Even though I wasn’t due to come out til I was a senior in high school, my kinship with the characters of Mary Cherry, Nicole Julian, April Tuna and Bobbi Glass could only be explained in one way: I was gay (NO WAY.) Yes way. And I have the earth-shattering “borderline-retarded” character of Mary Cherry to thank for helping me come to this realization. Popular was the gayest “not gay” show on television. It was campy and had a distinct gay sensibility that all the other TV shows lacked. My connection to the show helped flesh out my sexual identity. I owe this show a major Nicole Julian-esque “thank youuuu.”


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