Books That Aren’t Twilight.


I saw New Moon in hopes that it would provide me endless fodder for this here blog. While it did give me a bounty of material, I left the theatre with an icky feeling in my stomach. This is what America is choosing to latch on to? Bella Swan is the most offensive female character since….a woman in a revered piece of Victorian literature. Read between the lines, babes: THIS SHIT IS REAL WEIRD. I don’t even really wanna blog about it. It’s too depressing. 


In other news, I’ve been reading a lot lately. I’m graduating college in three weeks and have a plethora of writing to do before then. Reading unassigned books is not only a stellar procrastination method but it mellows me out. Right now I’m reading:


Opiates really softened the blow of getting hit by a car. In my experience, drugs like Vicodin don’t do much in the way of easing actual pain. However, they’re exceptional at making you not give a shit that you just had four surgeries in twelve days, fractured your elbow and had a skin graft operation. Trust me. This book is essentially a how-to guide on making opium tea. Now before you get all judgey, opium tea is not super strong and you don’t drink it in crazy opium dens with your drug dealer. It’s more of a “stay at home Rachel Ray” activity. Anyone wanna help me make it? Seriously, I need help. The directions are confusing. 



I love reading books about old New York, a time when you could get an apartment in the West Village for $300 dollars a month and have to be mindful of the syringes on the sidewalk. For us us newbies, It’s hard to fathom that such a place ever really existed. But it did because Edmund White wrote a book about it. It’s a fun read. I especially like the parts when he talks about gay life pre and a little post-Stonewall. It’s nothing too earth-shattering (People cruised on Christopher Street, felt shame about their sexuality. Wait, we are talking about the past, right?) I like the way he writes mostly. It’s simple, concise and direct. I also give him props. Living in NYC during the sixties and seventies was no cakewalk. Rather, it was more of a walk that was littered with muggings, paranoia, and drama. Bad drama.


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  1. kristayyy Says:

    duh i want to make that tea?

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