The saddest part about graduating from college is not facing the cold harsh reality of entering the workplace during a time of record high unemployment. Nor is it saying goodbye to the hysterical parties, the weird hook-ups, the brutal hangovers. (I’m sure those will continue to follow me in post-collegiate life)

It’s none of those things. The saddest part about graduating from college is that I can no longer relate to this over-analytical frizzy-haired crazy person.

Felicity Porter was arguably my guiding light in college. I often yearned for a “What Would Felicity Do?” bracelet during those times of indecision and heartache. The show followed Felicity from freshman year of college to graduation. It ran for four beautiful seasons and now that I have graduated, I have to leave her behind.

Just like myself, Felicity underwent a major evolution in college. She  started college as a virginal nerdy stalker-type person in dire need of some styling assistance. She ended the series as a beautiful confident woman with amazing hair (& she wore less sweaters, thank God). And it’s not just Felicity I’ll miss. I’ll definitely miss her insane Gothic roommate, Megan, and that Pink Power Ranger who got raped by Brian from My So-Called Life.

I also really love that Felicity worked at Dean & Deluca during college. It introduced me to the beautiful/delusional world of $6.00 lattes and well-dressed grocers. Upon arriving in NYC, I shunned the usual tourist traps in favor of seeing the coffeeshop where Felicity, Javier and Ben worked. They brewed more than just coffee at Dean & Deluca. They also brewed the sexual tension and/or animosity between Felicity and Ben.

Favorite moments of the show include: the wacky Brit that lived with Felicity & did crack in the bathroom with her boyfriend, Megan’s spells, Megan’s wardrobe, Megan wandering with her Gothic friends in underground Subway tunnels, whenever the Pink Power Ranger wasn’t singing on her guitar about being adopted.

Some questions will remain unanswered as I venture out into the real world. Like, I still want to know why the characters whispered all the time. After having lived in NYC for two years, I can safely say that whispering does not exist in this city. You yell, you sob, you laugh. You never whisper. I know that Felicity was filmed on a soundstage in Studio City but I think it would’ve added a sense of realism if Felicity talked above a hushed tone once in awhile.

But alas, some questions weren’t meant to be answered. Bye college. Bye Felicity.

Goodbye Megan and your ridiculous iconic ensembles.



  1. kristayyy Says:

    the saddest part is felicity???!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh jesus.

  2. metrosection Says:

    F You. Felicity was my life bitch.

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